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  • Net weight: 14oz.
  • Creame Wax is extremely effective in removing short, coarse and stubborn hair
  • Be gentle enough for your most delicate areas
  • Cream wax to your skin it will remove unwanted hair as well as instantly leaving your skin sleek, soft, and silky
  • Highly recommended for sensitive skin
  • For use, place the collar to the wax pot at first. Second-removes plastic lid and place can in a wa pot. Third-turns the wax pot temperature to 15-25 minutes with medium heat. Test wax temperature on the backside of your wrist before waxing. Then-be ready to wax.  Apply a thin layer of powder to absorb moisture and oil. Holding the applicator at a 45° angle. Apply a thin layer of soft wax in the direction of hair growth. Hold the skin taut and pull epilating strip off (parallel to the skin). Use your epilated strip to remove any wax from your skin.
  • For caution, tests a small area on the backside of your wrist for temperature sensitivity. Do not use on irritated, cut or broken skin. If wax should fall onto lashes, keep eyes closed. Apply a drop of petroleum jelly on area and remove with an eyebrow comb. Wipe with the moist tissue and then place a cotton swab at the corner of the eye to absorb residue.
  • Made in U.S.A


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