In 2024, nails are taking inspiration from glamorous Mob Wife era, featuring bolds and dramatic designs. Think statement nails adorned with intricate designs like jewels and charm designs, natural glitter aura nails, and silver cat eye nails. French croc nails are also making a statement alongside sleek Chrome nails. For a more playful look, Coquette nails are gaining popularity, offering a range of fun and flirty designs. This trend encourages embracing luxurious and extravagant nail art to make striking fashion statement.

NAIL WITH JEWELS AND CHARM– Beauty experts are predicting a widespread return to maximalism this year. Absolutely! Nails inspired by the Mob Wife era often feature elaborate designs incorporating jewels and charms for an opulent and glamorous look. Think of nails adorned with Swarovski crystals, pearls, golds accents, and even miniature charms like dollar signs, crowns, or pistols, reflecting the lavish and bold aesthetic of the time. These designs exude luxury and sophistication, perfect for making a statement and channeling the extravagant style of the Mob Wife era.

NATURAL GLITTER AURA NAILS- A trendy nail art technique that involves creating a mesmerizing, multi-dimensional effect on the nails. This technique typically involves layering different shades of nail polish or gel in a way that creates a gradients or ombre effect, reminiscent of the colorful and ethereal aura seen in nature or spirituality. Aura nails are versatile and can be customized with various color combinations and finishes to achieve the desired mystical and otherworldly look.

SILVER CAT EYE NAILS– A glamorous and bold statement in the current trend era. The cat eye effect is achieved using magnetic nail polish, which creates a mesmerizing shimmer reminiscent of a cat’s eye gemstone. When paired with a silver base, this creates a luxurious and eye-catching manicure that exudes opulence and sophistication, fitting for the extravagant style of the Mob Wife era. The silver cat eye nails add a touch of mystery and allure to any look, making them a perfect choice for these seeking a glamorous and statement-making manicure.

FRENCH CROC-A stylish twist on the classic French manicure, incorporating a crocodile or reptile skin pattern. This design typically features a traditional French tip with a white or nude base, but instead of a smooth finish, the tips are embellished with a textured crocodile pattern in a contrasting color like black,pink, brown, green,…..The result is a chic and edgy manicure that combines the timeless elegance of the French tip with the trendy and exotic appeal of crocodile texture.

CHROME NAILS– has gained popularity for their futuristic and eye-catching appearance, resembling polished metal or liquid metal. They can be worn as a full set or uses as accents in nail art designs, adding a touch of glamour to any manicure. Chrome nails are versatile and can be paired with various color and nail art techniques to create unique and dazzling looks suitable for any occasion.

COQUETTE NAILS– About embracing femininity, confidence, and glamour, making a bold fashion statement that commands attention.

Bold Colors: Coquette nails often feature bold and vibrant colors such as deep reds, rich purples, sultry blacks, or luxurious metallics like gold and silver, reflecting the opulence and drama of the Mob Wife era.

Intricate Designs: Coquette nails may incorporate intricate designs such as lace patterns, floral motifs, or intricate swirls reminiscent of vintage glamour and luxury.

Embellishments: To adds an extra touch of glam, coquette anils may be adorned with embellishments like rhinestones, pearls, or charms, elevating the overall look and adding a hint of extravagance.

Matte finishes: While glossy finishes are timeless, matte finishes were also popular during the Mob Wife era, adding a modern twist to coquette nails and enhancing their sophistication.

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